Amsterdam dating english

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Note that the viewing platform itself is fairly narrow and moving around is done in single file.The following Oudekerk panorama looks out to the north-west: The Oudekerk is one of 3 church towers in Amsterdam centre that can be climbed - the others are Westerkerk tower and Zuiderkerk tower.Only 0.1 gram of cannabis is needed to perform the test!To have your cannabis tested at the Cannabis College, please come along in person and ask us about cannabinoid analysis.

More info about the Oudekerk which is open to the public and occasionally holds special exhibitions.

The aim of Arita House was to connect, as well as promote, contemporary Japanese and Dutch culture, with the ambition of revitalising the unique historical exchange between Japan and The Netherlands.

This new cultural landmark was open between 19 May and late December 2016.

There is still a lot of confusion around the Cannabis plant, especially understanding the differences between Hemp, Weed/Ganja or Hashish.

Since most confusion is the result of misinformation and lies told by prohibitionists for the past eight decades, we hope to combat this by spreading knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant. has been growing on the planet for over a hundred thousand years, with evolutionary roots in the Cannabaceae family dating back millions of years.

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We offer a testing service using TLC (thin-layer chromatography) protocol.