Eyeconic white kajal online dating

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Price: Rs.200 – Rs.250 for 0.35 g (different prices in different online stores)Sensitive skin alert: No. The shape of the Kajal is thin like a pencil and which according to me, is extremely inconvenient to use (it can break down easily with a little pressure).Positives The overall performance of the product is more than satisfactory.As I have said earlier it is a smart buy in summers as- firstly, it stays at least 5 hours regardless of heat and sweating.Once when I applied it as a kajal and eyeliner, Secondly, it is waterproof and thirdly, its matte texture let the kajal settle down.

I used a lot of random products, and finally decided to try this one.Rarely, you would come across a toddler or a baby without a ton of kajal surrounding the eyes, as if the eyes were a war zone and kajal demarcating the cordoned area.Or that epic scene in Hindi movies, where mothers would take a pinch of kajal and apply it on her son once he was about to be officially anointed as a HERO!It does not glitter, and behaves like a lady firm on her promises. A lot of times, a lot many products, leave a tiny patch. Yes, the way my grandmother used to prepare by keeping a steel spatula above the flame.The Eyeconic Kajal from Lakme has a very fresh look and feel to it, the absolute absence of glitter makes the look classy and opulent. However, no matter from where you strike, the kajal does not leave the skin one bit. This one takes the cake of being the darkest amongst the dark! Quality was secondary, and color was supposed to be smeared. Maybe, but then, yes, it is a hassle free or a smudge free experience.

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Which is what brings me to today’s review, the lakme eyeconic kajal with new 22hr formula in the shade black.