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Meet k9 for sex

Her eyes closed and her lips parted awaiting their first kiss. She released her legs to encircle his slim waist while her arms closed around his muscular neck.

He stabbed his tongue into her mouth and she sucked it gently. She arched her body to meet his powerful thrusts allowing him to drive deeper into her frothing pussy.

Her throbbing clit begged to be caressed and her nipples ached for more attention too.

They would be tied like this for at least another thirty minutes before his massive knot would shrink, so she knew she had to pace herself or she wouldn’t be able to move in the morning.

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The quaking convulsions of her spasming pussy made her lover whine when he felt her gripping him tightly.

He stood his ground and continued to empty his balls into his bitch.

She wasn’t sure if her lover even cared that she wore them for him but they made her feel sexy so she didn’t care.

She made a sharp gasp as his tongue tentatively ran up her glistening sex.

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