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Theres another reason that the power of what is termed the Minerals-Energy Complex continues unchecked, even as treasures like the Cradle and also the priceless Kruger Parks surface water plus millions of peoples health are threatened: political bribery.

In addition to supplying the worlds cheapest power to BHP Billiton and Anglo American Corporation smelters by honoring dubious apartheid-era deals, Eskoms coal-fired mega-plants will provide millions of dollars to African National Congress (ANC) party coffers through crony-capitalist relations with the Japanese firm Hitachi.

Parts of the world are already losing their glaciers and their water supplies. Low-lying nations are making plans to evacuate their populations. Patrick Bond and Joseph Romm weigh in with very different org/archive/id/66199 on Xenophobia and Racism in SA, 10 December 2010The UN theme for International Human Rights Day 2010 is Speak Up Stop Discrimination and is intended to inspire a new generation of defenders to speak up and take action to end discrimination in all of its forms whenever and wherever it is manifested.

In recognition of International Human Rights Day, the Umtapo Centre will be hosting a seminar to address Xenophobia and Racism in South Africa.

Through activism and legal strategies, US communities and the Sierra Club have prevented construction of 150 proposed coal-fired power plants over the last couple of years, a remarkable accomplishment (only a couple got through their net). The national government in Pretoria and municipal officials in seaside Durban will continue invoking several myths in defense of coal, Kusile and the COP17, the November 28-December 9 climate summit officially called the Conference of the Parties 17 (but which should be renamed the Conference of Polluters).

The EPA also took a stance in late December to belatedly begin regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

But the worlds interest in how we trash our environment perked up again last week for two reasons: In parallel battles, though, the beheading of King Coal is underway in West Virginia, where nine days after the January 3 cancer death of heroic eco-warrior Judy Bonds, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) overturned the Army Corps of Engineers prior approval of Spruce No.

1 mine, the worlds largest-ever mountaintop removal operation.

With gold nearly depleted, as Liefferink told a Joburg paper last week, uranium is an eco-social activist target: Nowhere in the world do you see these mountains of uranium and people living in and among them.

You have people living on hazardous toxic waste and of course some areas are also high in radioactivity.

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