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Story Behind My Song: Little Piece Of Tin, presented by Andy Harding Love & Freedom, presented by Iain Fergus Joyce, presented by Ken Punshon Insanely Mental Instrumental: Friggin' Polska A focus on new singles from singer-songwriters and indie-folk bands, plus chamber folk, dance instrumentals and trad. Music by: Mancunia - Elijah James And The Nightmares - Gallery 47 - Speak, Brother - Richard Sutton - Michael James & The Bedheads - Jay Ebby East - Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - The Twisted Twenty - The Routes Quartet - Magpie Lane - Will Pound - Karin Grandal-Park and Karl Robbins - Banter - Georgia Lewis. Music by: Siobhan Miller - Nigel Brown - Elephant Sessions - David Hershaw & Sandie Forbes - Ian Bland - Bert Jansch - Pairdown - Apples …Story Behind My Song: Girls Like You presented by Michael James The newest song and the oldest song, long songs and short songs, tribute songs and angry songs, songs of summer and songs of season's end. I’m Home - Nescora - Ryan Young - Hadrian’s Union - Simon Scardinelli - Yodel Song - Vision Thing.Music by: Two Coats Colder - Siobhan Miller - Skinner & T’Witch - Chris Tye - Jason Mc Niff - Neil Mc Sweeney - The Roving Crows - Megson - Cormac Begley - Feast Of Fiddles - Amelia Coburn - Paul J. Insanely Mental Instrumental(s): The Yellow Tinker and An Cat Is A Mathair Music by: Meet George Brown - Fly Yeti Fly - Katy Vernon - Jim Palanar - Kathryn Tickell & Friends - Eddie & Luc - Hicks And Goulbourn - The Blackheart Orchestra - Keston Cobblers Club - Ross Couper & Tom Oakes - John Roberts & Debra Cowan - Elfin Bow - Police Dog Hogan.Insanely Mental Instrumental: Sunburn, Man-Flu And The Shits Beware! Music by: Apple Of My Eye - Two’s Company - Amy Duncan - The Trials Of Cato - Kaela Rowan - Kadia - The Broken String Band - Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith - The Hut People - Feast Of Fiddles - The Carrivick Sisters - Daria Kulesh - Andrew Gordon - Dipper Malkin Story Behind My Song: Griogal Chridhe Insanely Mental Instrumental: The Whitby Drip We're back, baby!Welcome to the start of a Happy New Year of the latest and greatest from the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.Music by: Damien O’Kane - Skipinnish - Zoe Mulford - Amelia Jocelyn - Peatbog Faeries - Maeve Mackinnon - The Transports - Ben Robertson - Helen Dorothy - Greg Hancock - Honeyfeet - Jackie Oates - The Naked King - Minnie Birch - Spoil The Dance Story Behind The Song: Song O'The Clyde, presented by Amelia Jocelyn Fremington Beach, presented by Greg Hancock A marvellously magical mix of music for a merry Christmas and a cool Yule! Music by: Ross Ainsley - Fish Out Of Water - The Warp/The Weft - Said The Maiden - Ange Hardy - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - Thomson & York - Daria Kulesh - Karine Palwart - Martin Carthy - Five Hand Reel - Shelagh Mc Donald - Greg Hancock - The Wailin’ Jennys - The Foxglove Trio Story Behind The Song: Tinkerborough, presented by Cheryl York Joni Mitchell's Guitar, presented by Greg Hancock Branwen, presented by Ffion Mair A 2017 retrospective: more music from releases we've featured this year.Music by: Jack Sharp - The Unthanks - Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - Emily Maguire - Speak, Brother - Joe Martin - Police Dog Hogan - Pairdown - Fly Yeti Fly - Alistair Anderson & Northlands - Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - Canny Fettle - India Electric Co - Jimmy Lee Morris.

Take a spin back down the years to catch up with artists featured in June podcasts past.

- Emma Langford - The Legendary Ten Seconds - Leatherat - Peter Fergus Mc Clelland Story Behind The Song: The Singer, presented by Jon Bennett The Dublin King, presented by Ian Churchward Insanely Mental Instrumental: Mind The Gap We make a return trip to Glasgow, we’ve a trio of Hallowe'en treats, we have three guests dropping by to tell us the Stories Behind Their Songs, and we take a squint at interesting and topical new recordings from the USA.

Music by: Dan Walsh & Alistair Anderson - Dusty Cut - Jupiter Owls - Alan Reid & Rob van Sante - Findlay Napier - Ashton Lane - Blue Rose Code - Lucy Kitchen - Kirsty Merryn - Jim Page - Hot Tamale - Lane Norberg - Christine Weir - The Stoned Cherries - Skinner And T’Witch.

We meet a British naval hero who wasn’t Lord Nelson; hear topical songs about tragedies averted; and play songs that put the “FUN” into funeral.

We get Insanely Mental with an Underground Instrumental, and we find out what happens when you mix bluegrass with thrash metal to create a folkie Frankenstein’s monster!

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Music by: The Changing Room - Merry Hell - Heg & The Wolf Chorus - Steeleye Span - John Kirkpatrick - Roger Wilson - Ewan Mc Lennan & Geoge Monbiot - Luke Jackson - George Boomsma - Trevor Clawson - Enter The Haggis - Fairport Convention.