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And Ukraine is just one step in such a plan which also involves keeping Germany on a shorrt leash.There is no way in the long term Germany and France and Russia will not become more and more economically integrated.

Granted, it is a numerous population, but it is poor and produces little ET: Yes, but annexing the geographically contiguous and politically controllable poor, in a globalized world craving low-cost labor forces, can be an advantage.

That means that Russian step toward fulfilling the USA demands will result in just moving the goal posts.

The idea is to return Russia to the status of a regular vassal of Washington like it was under Yeltsin rule.

In any case the real US plan is to tighten the screws using combination of sanctions and vicious propaganda campaign, demonizing Putin and vilifying Russia as the major threat to world peace and stability.

In reality Russia is just a threat to neoliberal world order.

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